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  • Published:April 2nd, 2012
  • Category:cron

Making changes to cron in a terminal is a rather dodgy process (if you’re used to Windows).

1) Log on to the server, type:


You’ll notice it’s a read only environment.

2) To edit press the <insert> key on your keyboard.

3) Make changes. (running cron 4 times an houre is: */4 * * * * … in the first line. Running cron every houre is just: 0 * * * *… (the 0 is the minute to start. If you want to start it 10 minutes past the houre, type: 10 * * * *… )

4) To save and exit, press the <escape> key on your keyboard.

5) Type:


6) Press the <enter> key on your keyboard. The editor should disappear and a message “installing new crontab” should come up.

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