Laravel: is it worth reinventing the wheel for freedom? -

I’m getting back at the PHP Laravel framework. I studied most of its documentation and have a decent idea what it can do.

However, I’ve reached at a point where I need a decent “imagecache” functionality, like you have in Drupal. There’s an attempt in Laravel but it doesn’t come close to the easiness of imagecache (probably one of the best Drupal modules).

Further down the road I must have some permission-system, user forms, a comment tool system, Mollom protection, Captcha’s, forgotten-password-mails, newsletter forms, node locking, search integration, OpenGraph, social media toolbars, permalinks and a zillion other features.

The thing is: do I have to reinvent the wheel? Do I even want to do that?

How much time does it take to make a light version of imagecache? If it’s done in half a day it might be worth it. The powerful thing is that I have total control about every little detail. Gone are the days that you can’t get around something because that’s the way it goes in Drupal (eg: must every node-type have a body-field?)

Can I make an opensource CRM/CMS based on Laravel? Ready for others? Is anybody waiting for that?

(for those wondering if I’m wasting someone else’s money, I spend most of my research in my spare time)

Update: I decided to go for it. Things go pretty well so far but, like any IT-project, it’s a lot of work.

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