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This tutorial explains how to secure your Dropbox files with Truecrypt in Ubuntu (or Linux Mint). It assumes you know Truecrypt already and have a basic understanding of the Unix folderstructure.

Why securing your files in Dropbox?

I use Truecrypt for keeping my personal files. Basically all my important files are in a 50GB volume. My Dropbox folder was located inside the Truecrypt volume.

Like this:


I wasn’t satisfied with the system. Who knows what happens with your data when you submit it to Dropbox. A hacker could get access to my account, or a Dropbox-employee or the government (not all stories are conspiracies).

There wasn’t really a point of securing my data with Truecrypt, when everything inside the Truecrypt-volume was copied to “the cloud”.

What even bugged me more were the credentials on my filesystem. Some folders need different credentials (www-root, root-owned files, mysql-files). When Dropbox faces a file it can’t access, it keeps on indexing and consuming cpu.

How does it work?

I came up with the following script:

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The error “no input file found” with nginx (with drupal, php, wordpress or whatever) is lying in either the configuration of nginx (google it) OR in insufficient permissions in the www-directory.

If your www-dir is (for example) in a truecrypt volume, the www-dir might be unwritable by default. To pass this, you can mount a truecrypt volume with read-write permissions:


truecrypt --fs-options="rw,sync,utf8,uid=1000,umask=0000" "/path/to/volume"