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To change the location of your Firefox-profile folder (or to move it to another computer):

  1. Copy the folder of your profile to the new location (the folder mostly has a random name. you can look it up by opening the profile manager (see down))
  2. Open profiles.ini in the firefox program folder (c:\program files\… on Windows), and change the location of your profile folder.
  3. Other paths also need to be adapted in ini-files in the profile folder. This is because Firefox uses absolute paths and no relative paths. Use a text-tool to look up the ini-files where the folder locations are stored.
  4. Try to run Firefox with the profile manager. If things don’t work out (eg: if your profile looks wrong or incomplete); remove the following files in the root of the profile folder. The next time firefox starts, it will recreate these files with the correct file paths.
  • compreg.dat
  • extensions.cache
  • extensions.ini
  • extensions.rdf
  • pluginreg.dat

To launch the profile manager (linux):

firefox -ProfileManager


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