Location of the fonts in Ubuntu

  • Most fonts are located in /usr/share/fonts
  • But there isn’t just one folder. You can find the location of all the font folders in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf
  • You can save custom fonts in the folder ~/.fonts . It’s possible that the folder doesn’t exist, so you have to create it.
  • The filenames of some fonts are different from the actual fontname. Search in the directory for parts of the fontname. Eg: the “Monospace” font in Ubuntu is actually an alias for DejaVuSansMono and is called ttf-dejavumono.ttf
  • sans” or “sans serif” like Arial, is a font with no accents attached to the characters. (sans is French for “without”). Use for screens and websites.
  • serif“, like Times New Roman, is with accents attached to the characters. Use this for printing text or books.
  • mono” or “monospaced” like Courier New, is a font which characters are equally wide. Use this for coding and html.
  • To clear the font cache, like when you’ve downloaded a new font, use this command:
    sudo fc-cache -vf


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