• Published:September 12th, 2013
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It’s like a virus these days. Every blog I come across uses Disqus as a comment system (if they don’t use the Facebook comment system). So why shouldn’t you do this?


Ok, I get it, people are lazy, they don’t want to register at every site just to post a comment. You, as a blogger, don’t want to pay askismet or mollom for decent spam protection or don’t want to waste time moderation the comments.

But this is the price you pay:

  • You outsource your comments. On the web, when you get something “for free”, this means Disqus (or Facebook, or IntenseDebate or any other comment system) is owning your comments and can do whatever they want with it. In other words:
    • You provide Disqus the possibility to use your visitor’s comments as a source of ad-income.
    • If Disqus would quit, you might loose all the comments on your blog and comments you posted on other blogs. (maybe they’d provide a backup, but then you still need to integrate them in your own comment system)
    • Disqus might get out of fashion or a new “fancy” comment system could come up. Will you be able to transfer your Disqus comments to the new system?
  • People still need a profile somehow. Maybe some people (you know, those crazy privacy freaks) don’t want to leave traces of what they commented on query-able on the web for the rest of their lives (Disqus makes public profiles of people’s comments).
  • You still need to moderate.
  • Your website might slow down if Disqus is hardly reachable.
  • Everybody uses the same comment system! Come on! All websites get so predictable and look all the same.

So stop using Disqus or Facebook comments; Thanks!

This concerns an error in Bamboo-Invoice. When I wanted to print a pdf, I got the following error in Apache:

[notice] child pid 16395 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

(16395 could be any number)

The cause of any “Segmentation fault” is probably PHP related. It could be because of a bad php-code compilation, or because of PHP code-error that couldn’t be caught like it would normally.

The reason here was obviously a bug in Bamboo-invoice. You can define your own corporate logo in /img/logo/logo.jpg but since I don’t have a logo at the moment I removed the file (as written in the manual). This caused the error.

Putting the image back (or any other image) resolved the error.

This one gave me headache: the Mollom module in Drupal 6 returned a 401: unauthorized. However: there was no firewall, no incorrect key, and I really got a response back from the server. Top of the bill: it worked on my dev-machine but not on the server.

Till I noticed the time of log reports didn’t match the real time. It was 17:15 while Drupal said 16:58. A time difference of almost 20 minutes. I set the time correct and ta-dah: Mollom works.

Bambooinvoice is supposed to work with Apache, althoug it can also run on nginx.

These are the rewriterules:

location @rewrite {
rewrite ^/index.php/(.*)$ /index.php?$1;

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